About Morale

Morale is the world’s kindest social networking platform. Morale uses anonymity and support giving to boost users’ Morale and have fun while doing it.

Our mission is to promote motivation through human connection and affirmations.

About Morale

Morale’s core values


Morale is designed for users to promote positive affirmations, compliments, and motivations. Morale values optimism, hope, and happiness.


Creating an environment where everyone is welcome, and core functionality is accessible by all.


We value human connection above all, and we encourage selfless thought and the communication of all positive thoughts with those that they concern.

The Morale Team

Aldwyn Boscawen

Aldwyn Boscawen – Founder & CEO

Aldwyn is an entrepreneur and Morale is the second start-up following the closure of Aldwyn & Sons, the UK’s first men’s nail bar. Aldwyn has worked for several SMEs in consulting roles following a career in Financial Services.

Will Macfarlane

Will Macfarlane – CTO

Will is the founder of Xenia Tech, an award-winning international app and website development agency. Aside from his role at Xenia he has launched and successfully exited several digital businesses.

Our Story

In March 2022, the building of Morale began, and Morale launched officially in May 2022.

November 2022 – Morale Launches Hand Up Feature

March 2023 – Morale launches subscriptions including the Thought Gap, Prompts, and Statistics

What does the future hold for Morale?

We continue to experiment with making social networking fun, uplifting and motivational.

Our Story