Send motivation, compliments and affirmations to your friends.

Sending support to friends is proven to boost your own Morale.

Keep a feed of affirmations in one place on the Morale App.


Send a motivation, affirmation or compliment to your friends anonymously.

Receive uplifting boosts from friends all in one place and keep your favourites.

Manifest in your boosts, screenshot them and share them.

The science behind Boosting

“There is a wealth of scientific research papers that outline the benefits from giving support are also highly relevant to those receiving support and positive messages. There are also papers that highlight additional benefits for both parties that are achieved from recognition of support.”

Inagaki TK, Eisenberger NI. Neural correlates of giving support to a loved one. Psychosom Med. 2012 Jan


โ€œWhen I lack motivation, I find the easiest way to motivate myself is to look to the people I care about the most and think what I can do to make their day better, and the easiest way is to send them a compliment. This in turn motivated me as I was driven to take a positive action.โ€

Best Use: Make it your Daily Habit to motivate yourself by sending 5 positive messages to friends.


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Boosting FAQs

No, all messages that you send through Morale are anonymous. The only way a user could tell who sent them a message is if you tell them, or you are their only friend on the app!

Morale encourages users to send 5 boosts every day. The Free version of Morale App only permits 5 boosts per day, and the subscription to Morale gives you unlimited daily boosts as well as more features!

Only users within your friend list can send you boosts. To enable a friend to send you boosts, they must have the Morale App and have added you as a friend and you must accept them. This protects you from unwanted messages from people who do not know you.