Hand Up

Let your friends know when you need a boost.

It is important to speak up when you are not feeling ok.

Do not be afraid to put your hand up, you can even do it anonymously.

Hand Up

When you are feeling low, you can notify your friends that you need a boost.

Your friends receive a push notification to alert them.

Receive those Morale Boosts from your friends.

The science behind a Hand Up

β€œIn an anonymous online space, status or power that may exist between individuals are no longer present. This reduced perception of authority allows users to feel more comfortable speaking their minds.”

(Galegher, Sproull & Kiesler, 1998).


When you feel lonely, anxious or upset, it can be a weight off your shoulders to share this with people who care about you. You should be proud that admitting to feeling down is a really positive step. Nobody can help you if they do not know that you are suffering. So tell them using an app that notifies them all.

Best Use: When you are feeling lonely, do not be afraid to notify your friends that you feel like you need a boost. If you feel that you are not prepared yet to let them know you are struggling, you can always take the first step and put your hand up anonymously.


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Hand Up FAQs

We hope that Morale users enable push notifications and check their app but this is not always the case. If your friends do not reply, we encourage you to call a friend and ask for help. In future encourage them to use the app to check in on you

It is a really positive step to admit to feeling low, but for some people this can be scary and can lead to feeling embarrassment. If you do this anonymously, your friends are able to send generic support without knowing it is you. Hopefully this will encourage those who feel scared to speak up, to do so.

Encourage your friends to turn on their push notifications and ensure that your close friends are all on the Morale App.