20 Key Lucky Girl Syndrome Affirmations for Beginners 

You’ve probably heard about lucky girl syndrome and how it helps people to achieve their goals and aspirations. But what exactly is lucky girl syndrome and how can lucky girl affirmations help us to be more lucky?

What is lucky girl syndrome?

Lucky girl syndrome is the latest trend that’s taken off on TikTok. It’s an interpretation of the law of attraction and law of assumption, where if you believe you’re lucky and will have great opportunities, you will be lucky and will find great opportunities.

Of course, achieving your goals will also require a degree of effort. We can’t rely only on luck. But lucky girl syndrome believes that by using affirmations, we can help to attract luck and good fortune into our lives, and together with our own efforts, we can reach our goals.

Lucky girl syndrome can help us to succeed in our careers, reach financial prosperity, and build strong, meaningful relationships. By having a positive mindset, we can help to attract opportunities and achieve our aspirations faster than if we had a more negative outlook.

What are lucky girl syndrome affirmations?

Lucky girl syndrome affirmations are phrases you can repeat to yourself to attract positive and good luck. There are many benefits of affirmations, including putting you in a good mindset and improving your wellbeing.

When you repeat affirmations to yourself, you can increase your chances of the affirmations coming true. This is also known as manifesting. Some might call it superstition, but there has been scientific research that has shown that affirmations can alter the neural responses in the brain, making us feel more confident and optimistic. This in turn can help us to achieve our goals.

Lucky girl syndrome affirmations can help us to feel luckier and attract good fortune. Sometimes, we might feel like we only attract bad luck, and that the world is against us. This can make us feel defeated and unmotivated. Using lucky girl affirmations can make us more open to welcoming unexpected, positive experiences and trust that the universe is working with us to achieve our goals.

20 lucky girl syndrome affirmations

Below are some lucky girl syndrome affirmations. You can start by picking five that seem most meaningful to you and repeating them in front of a mirror for 30 days. Journalling how you feel can help you to identify if the affirmations are working for you.

  1. I attract good fortune
  2. Everything always works out for me
  3. The universe works to bring me success
  4. Good things come to me easily and effortlessly
  5. My relationships are peaceful and full of love
  6. Challenges make me stronger and wiser
  7. I trust my intuition to guide me to success
  8. There are many amazing career opportunities for me and I can get them easily
  9. The universe supports my dreams
  10. Luck is on my side
  11. I am always in the right place at the right time
  12. Luck is my constant friend
  13. Money and prosperity flows easily into my life
  14. I let go of fear and embrace the limitless opportunities life has in store for me
  15. Great things happen to me unexpectedly
  16. The dreams I’m striving for are striving for me too
  17. I deserve great things and I am ready to embrace them
  18. I am grateful for the good fortune and luck in my life
  19. I always get what I want
  20. I am capable and strong, and luck is always on my side

Lucky girl syndrome do’s and don’t’s


  • Believe you’re lucky
  • Believe that things will work out for you
  • Speak positively
  • Be joyful about life
  • Be grateful for what you have
  • Always see the best in yourself
  • Be ready to take on new opportunities


  • Think you’re a victim
  • Believe the world is against you
  • Dwell on the negatives
  • Speak negatively about yourself
  • Compare yourself to others
  • Panic if things go wrong – this can be a learning opportunity and things will still work out for you

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