Introducing for US users

+1 (844) 899-8822 Morale Boost Screenshot

Morale has launched to allow US based users to send anonymous compliments to their friends as SMS messages.

+1 (844) 899-8822 sends kind messages from +1 (844) 899-8822 in the US. If anyone receives a message from +1 (844) 899-8822 they can rest assured that it is not a scam and that the kind message has been sent to them by a friend, and Morale will not keep their data.

Until now, Morale has only had a website in the UK where sending messages as SMS was available. Now, we can offer the service to all of our US based friends.

How does work?

  1. Visit the website on your Desktop, Mobile or Tablet device
  2. Click the ‘Send SMS Free’ button to view the daily Morale Boosts homepage with message from +1 (844) 899-8822

3. Select which message you would like to send

      Daily Morale Boosts on

      4. Input the telephone number of the person that you would like Morale to send the message to and click/tap ‘Send’

      Send Morale Boost Page

      5. Your morale boosting message is send to the recipient from Morale’s number: +1 (844) 899-8822.

      Morale Text Message Screenshot and Message Sent Page

      6. Morale has an entire library of positive anonymous compliments, motivations and affirmations and you can send as many as you would like.

      Morale Boost Library

      For our UK users, do not forget that is available to send morale boosts to all UK (+44) numbers!