Compliments have positive influence on students’ academic motivation

Stressed student in a blue hoodie is covering his face with both of his hands

Learning struggles are experienced by many students. 71% of the UK and 80% of the US university students say they tend to feel anxious about their classes and coursework.

However, there is a way to help learners to go through the challenging studies and assignments. The research shows that encouragement from friends and family can positively impact students’ academic motivation and achievement.

Social and emotional support from peers has been linked to positive aspects of motivation, goal pursuit, intrinsic value, and self-concept. The encouragement and support from friends and family have a significant positive influence on students’ academic motivation, self-competence, and ultimately their achievement. 

Compliments have a positive impact on students’
academic motivation, effort, and success.

Sincere and realistic praise that highlights the student’s effort and effective use of strategies can increase their resilience, self-evaluation, intrinsic motivation, and ultimately their learning outcomes.

Verbal encouragement, written notes, and other forms of positive feedback can help motivate students, build their confidence, and reinforce the connection between effort and achievement.

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