The importance of positive thinking & community to support mental health

We all know the transformative power of positive thinking. Even if subconsciously, often, we advise our friends, family and colleagues to think more positively about day-to-day life. This focus on positivity helps to boost happiness and build mental resilience against the everyday niggles and worries. At Morale, we combine the power of positive thinking with your own support networks, helping you to boost your mental health, as well as those you’re close to.  

In today’s world, social media can be a great connector, but it also has its downside: negativity. Despite its ability to help you feel engaged with your support network, negativity is flooding our feeds, from bad news to impossible ideals that can make us sigh when thinking about the world around us. Giving people a break from this can be so important for a healthier outlook on life, by consciously making the effort to be positive within our own communities. 

The power of positive thinking

Positive thinking can help us be more grateful, stop negative thoughts and embrace the goodness in ourselves and others. The flavour of positivity we choose at Morale is compliments. 

In a study on motor skill memory, research found that receiving compliments leads to a similar activation in reward areas of the brain as receiving money. The brain creates serotonin, a natural mood-booster, in response. When serotonin levels are normal, we can feel happy, calm and even reduce stress. 

This branch of positivity helps to boost happiness in both you and others, creating an antidote to the negative effects of traditional social media. But it’s hard to do alone. This is why Morale was designed to combine the use of positive thinking with the personal communities of users, boosting mental wellbeing through daily compliments.

Three friend

Net(work) positive

We all have tough times when we need to lean on our friends. Good networks help ground us, acting as an anchor while we navigate the choppy currents of our mental health. A great network is a group of people who are there to celebrate you during the good times and support you through the challenging times. 

In this world of social media mania, it can be hard to nurture those genuine relationships online. According to renowned British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, we can only realistically maintain five close friendships at any one time. Close friends are defined as those who you turn to for everything, who know you well, not just your social media presence. This theory is why at Morale, we recommend sending at least five boosts per day, which helps develop your own communities through the app. 

On Morale, your community is created and invited by you – so you don’t have to deal with strangers, and there’s no risk of trolls or negativity. Morale helps you support those closest to you by allowing our users to send anonymous positive messages every day. 

Harnessing positive thinking and using it to help boost those we are close to is how Morale wants to help change social media. It’s our mission to help everyone access positivity from their pocket, feel genuinely connected to our friends on social media and boost our overall mental health. 

To access your own pocket of positivity, download the Morale app for free on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
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