Is Pole Fitness Helping Empower Women?

Pole fitness is a newer phenomenon that has taken the fitness world by storm in recent years. Derived from its hotly debated counterpart, pole dancing, pole fitness is not only crushing the workout scene but it’s giving women confidence and control over their own bodies.

Pole dancing has been a rather taboo subject throughout history, with many believing it did more harm than good for women’s empowerment. Over the recent years however that narrative has shifted, and pole dance fitness is being viewed as THE way to empower women AND build killer bodies at the same time.

What is pole dance fitness?

Good question! Pole dance fitness is a full-body workout using the pole as the focal point of the movement. It’s highly effective in building and toning muscles and improving posture, flexibility, and coordination. If you’ve seen anyone who does pole fitness, you’ll have no doubt seen their sculpted muscles and strength from a mile away. In a recent study, a whopping 98% of recipients said that pole fitness improved their upper body strength! As a combination of dance and gymnastics routines, it’s not only training your body but your coordination as well.

We all have days when we just don’t feel like going to the gym, or lose motivation to keep working out. Trying something fun and different like pole dance fitness is a great way to get yourself back into exercising and make it more enjoyable. You’ll be having so much fun you probably won’t even notice how hard you’re working! If you’re looking for a social activity to get into with your friends, or even meet some new people, pole fitness is the way to go.

It’s no secret that exercise increases endorphins, but pole fitness takes this one step further.

Aside from getting yourself in tip-top shape, this activity boosts confidence and self esteem to new extremes, and women leave feeling empowered and so much confident in themselves. Using their bodies to express themselves, tell stories with movement, become artistic and athletic, it’s no wonder they leave feeling like they can take on the world!

How does pole dance fitness help to empower women?

Another good question. The simple answer is, how DOESN’T pole fitness help to empower women!

Aside from those killer bodies we’ve already talked about, pole fitness has fantastic implications for women’s’ empowerment, not only for the individual but how women are perceived in society. Pole fitness changes the narrative around female body image, normalising muscles and strength, and breaking the stereotype that women are weak and demure (which we all know is simply not the case). In the last few years, there have been more and more women getting into building healthy bodies through the gym or activities like pole fit. Something that had largely been seen as a man’s hobby (we know, toxic right?) has become more accessible and now women have the freedom to build the bodies they want. And they could probably beat you in an arm wrestle!

In a similar vein, pole dance fitness makes exercising fun! No longer will you resent the gym or have to drag yourself there, after trying pole fit just once we are sure you’ll be chomping on the bit to get back. With music getting you in the zone, a great group of people encouraging and challenging you, and a whole host of new skills to get to grips with, it won’t even feel like a workout session. Exercise is a great way to keep your mental health in check, so by taking part in activities like pole fitness, you’ll be supporting your mental health as well as your physical health.

Contrary to popular belief, pole dance fitness isn’t about being provocative or sexy. Breaking the stereotype around pole dancing, pole fitness is all about exercising, working on new skills, having a good time, listening to good music, and connecting with new people. Nothing sexual about that! In fact, there are even different divisions emerging in the pole fitness industry, to cater to people’s different strengths. New divisions like ‘athletic’ and ‘artistic’ are being introduced, much like gymnastics. And what’s more, there’s a new push to have pole fitness added to the Olympic Games roster! The sheer amount of strength and ability it takes to perform some of the movements is astounding, so we’re backing them 100% of the way!

On the other hand, pole dance fitness can be very sexy if you want it to be! One of the many perks of pole dance fitness is that it allows you to connect with your body and express your sexuality however you want to. With renewed confidence, a better understanding of what makes your body tick, and a few new moves to test out, bedroom activities can become even more enjoyable. What’s more empowering than women taking ownership for what they want out of sex?

And finally, and probably the most empowering point, it’s a totally female-dominated industry! Women are at the forefront of pole dance fitness, as leaders, teachers, competitors, and friends. There’s a reason pole dance fitness has shot to the foreground and lots of people are talking about it and it’s all due to the hard work women are doing to promote it. Activities like pole dance fitness help to empower women by promoting acceptance of each person as an individual, with autonomy and making their own decisions. It also helps people to accept all the shapes and sizes that women come in, and supports body positivity. The more people that take part in the sport, the less stigma there is around pole dance, and people who work in that industry. By understanding the health and lifestyle benefits it offers, people are better able to understand why women chose to participate in the sport.

Female empowerment is something that resonates with us at Morale, and we want everyone to feel confident and connected with their bodies. We’re always looking for ways to promote women and support them on their empowerment journey. So much of empowerment stems from your mindset and maintaining a positive attitude. Taking part in activities that gets endorphins pumping and helps to build self esteem is a fantastic way to support your mental wellbeing as well as physical, so we’re big advocates of pole dance fitness, and because it looks like a whole lot of fun!

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