Morale: The Support Network App that Lives in Your Pocket

Morale app interface

About Morale

Welcome to Morale, the social media messaging app that helps you support those closest to you. We’re on a mission to reverse the toxic impacts of social media and help you harness the power of your connections by sending (and receiving) anonymous messages of support throughout the day, called ‘Boosts’.

Who is Morale?

Did you know giving social support makes people 10x happier and more productive than those who don’t? Morale helps you take advantage of this mood-boosting process by sending five anonymous messages of positivity and support to friends throughout the day. 

Think of us as the support network in your pocket: we help you curate your own positive space full of support and empowerment. 

What does Morale do?

The Morale community is curated by you, which means once downloaded, you only invite and add those closest to you to your network (through unique referral codes, which means you will be able to track your wider impact on the world). It also means you don’t have to deal with strangers, and there’s less risk of trolling – although there’s always the option to report and block any unwanted or unsupportive messages, just in case! 

We’re live on iOS and Android and free to download. Most importantly, we don’t harvest your data or sell it to advertisers, and we’re completely led by you. We’re always happy to hear your feedback when it comes to updates, what you’d like to see from the app, and any tips on how we can make the Morale community stronger together. 

User exploring the Morale interface.
Using the Morale app interface

What problem is Morale solving?

Social media is the great connector, but we all know it has a dark side. Two thirds (78%) of the UK’s population is active on social media, with the average user spending 108 minutes on it every day. Several studies have found that regular use of social media apps has an overall negative effect on our wellbeing, and this is a problem we want to solve. We’re the antidote to social media, turning it into a much more positive and enjoyable experience – something that actually helps boost our mental health instead.

How did we come up with it?

We founded the app earlier this year, taking inspiration from the ‘morale’ chats our founder, Aldwyn Boscawen, regularly had with his friends throughout lockdown. He always shared jokes and upbeat, promotional messages with his group chats first thing in the morning and found it helped hugely with his mental health. 

Morale is a way of putting this front and centre, bringing those compliments and comments that make your day to the forefront – that support network we keep referring to. Morale boosts are a really simple way to show someone you care. Boosting someone’s day and getting that same warm, happy feeling in return helps feed this cycle of positivity – making you and your friends happier in the process. 

Interested in downloading? You can download the app on Google Play and Apple’s App Store

You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the latest news and updates – we promise positive vibes only and NO ads! 

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